Auntie Anne's - NEW Pepperoni Nuggets

Welcome to Auntie Anne’s newest product, the Pepperoni Nuggets! These delicious little savoury bites are the perfect snack or lunch time treat!

Each nugget is made on site from scratch, just like all Auntie Anne’s products. The dough is made and then left to prove, after this each nugget is hand rolled and flavoured. Each Pepperoni Nugget has a covering of tempting melted cheese and topped with its own piece of pepperoni.

As with all of their products, the Pepperoni Nuggets come with their freshness guarantee. They have also partnered up with Coke Zero to offer a fantastic combo deal which includes the Pepperoni Nuggets, Coke Zero or other bottled drink and a rich and tangy marinara sauce, the perfect sidekicks to our Pepperoni Nuggets - Yum!

The Nuggets are here until the end of August, so get them while you can!

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